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I am an Holistic Lifestyle Mentor & Natural Health Expert.

About me

I am honoured to have enjoyed years of incredible mentoring from some of the world’s greatest mentors.  I am delighted to share my expertise with you.  Let’s enhance your mindset, replace any limiting beliefs, to achieve lasting success in all aspects of your life.  Mentoring is the surest way to gain positive results for your life.  

As a health expert, I’m qualified in allergies, iridology, herbalism, weight management and supplement advice.

Achieve success in your lifestyle and health.  I will encourage and inspire you through online consultations (or in person, where possible), to achieve success in your lifestyle and health.  These consultations will be tailored to suit your needs.  I do also have online programs, which may suit you.

How may I assist you today?

Book a free 15 minute chat, I will assess how best I can help you.   Let’s explore the options for you.  Your vibrant future awaits you.

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My Approach to Natural Health and My Personal Story

I have had a keen interest in natural ways to heal the body since a young age.  I’ve suffered allergies, had a debilitating car accident and had weight issues, all of which I can proudly say have been resolved through my persistence and perseverance to heal my body naturally.

I am now healthier and stronger now than I’ve been for years.  Prior to becoming a Holistic Therapist, I was working as a Mentor whilst healing myself with a powerful elixir (as I fondly like to call it).  This patented product is a great tasting, fruit flavoured beverage.  It is available through me internationally.  Message me for more information.

The healing power of nature can sometimes be under estimated.  Nature has the innate ability to heal everyone. I identify and treat the cause, there is always an underlying cause, be it physical, mental or emotional.
As a holistic therapist I never use treatments that may create other conditions, I treat the whole person.  When preparing a treatment plan, the total persona is being taken into consideration.  I strive to empower my clients to take responsibility for their own health by guiding you every step of the way to self-care.    

Hippocrates said " Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

Book your appointment now, let’s restore your health, vitality and lifestyle.

I also offer Iridology Assessments.   This is a non-invasive method of gaining insight into changes in the bodies systemic health, through an assessment of the iris of the eye.  It does not predict the future, it is merely an insight into your health.

My focus is on holistic advice that assists in restoring your health and well-being. Clients who have benefited from my expertise have experienced a vast improvement in their health, mindset and lifestyle.  As a Lifestyle Mentor (Coach), I help you gain clarity as to what it is you really want for your life.  Reduce and replace any limiting beliefs and instil practices that are proven and reliable in gaining success, in all areas of your life.  Mentoring is a great and sure way to gain positive results in all aspects of our lives.

To your Optimum Health and Brightest Future

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